The toolbox from ECLAIRA newsletter no.14: Tourism: supporting the transition

The toolbox from ECLAIRA newsletter no.14: Tourism: supporting the transition

Guide: How to better collect and manage waste in public buildings

This guide published by OREE presents best practices and issues related to managing waste in public buildings generated by those who use them. To address the issues specific to them, public buildings are classified into categories including: cultural spaces and leisure/amusement parks, transport establishments, and sales spaces including restaurants.


Poster: How to go on holiday without polluting too much

"Transport, accommodation, shopping, eating... The tourism industry accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (...)" ADEME provides a poster showing how to reduce the environmental impact of your holidays.

Study: Spas: energy to spare

The VERTH ( Valorisation énergétique des rejets d'eau thermale - energy recovered from waste water from spas) study, coordinated by the Innovatherm Cluster and carried out with the support of ADEME in 2016, identified potential and proposed solutions for five spas in Auvergne.

Sharing experience: Composting on camp sites? It can be done!

Some towns and villages in the most touristic areas produce twice as much waste in summer. This sharing of experience is based on composting initiatives at camp sites in Ariège.

Tools: Zero waste at events

The Zero Waste France association has published several methodological guides on waste management at events. 

Eco-guides: Mountain resorts and equipment

Mountain Riders has created a guide to help consumers of mountain equipment to move towards more sustainable practices through the circular economy: responsible purchasing, maintenance, repair, recycling, etc.
Mountain Riders is also behind a guide for mountain resorts to guide them towards actions based on several criteria: transport, energy, water, development, waste, etc.


Source : ECLAIRA - Newsletter No. 14 / July 2019

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