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Why an international platform on the circular economy?

The question is a legitimate one, as there are already directories of best practice in the areas of recycling, regional industrial ecology and environmental innovation, for example. The purpose of these tools is generally the same: to facilitate innovation and a transition towards sustainable models by showcasing "pioneering initiatives". But the great number of existing platforms and the fact that some duplicate the work of others does not make them easy to get to know. They tend to be specialized and do not allow people to interact beyond sectoral barriers, thereby limiting knowledge sharing and the creation of multi-stakeholder projects.

The Institut de l’économie circulaire and CIRIDD, with support from ADEME and the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, decided to create a common site dedicated to all those involved in the circular economy.

Access to the platform is fully open, allowing project leaders to share experiences and access all the available tools on the subject. It is open to all (citizens, entrepreneurs, local authorities, large companies, etc.) and facilitates networking by means collaborative spaces.

The economiecirculaire.org platform is connected to regional platforms, Eclaira.org in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, Genie.ch in the Geneva Canton of Switzerland, Recita.org : the circular economy innovation Network in Aquitaine area, Neci.normandie.fr: Normandie Economie Circulaire is the network for people involved in the circular economy in Normandy and others to come, and serves as a portal to many local variations.

This ecosystem helps drive regions through multi-stakeholder cooperation and optimization of human, natural and technological local resources that are cooperating and active.

Download the network overview now (PDF) ! 


Overview of the platform

The collaborative platform aims to organize knowledge about the circular economy and mobilize those involved at regional, national and international levels. It is aimed at all professionals able to implement, encourage or support projects on this theme (local authorities, companies, developers, consultants, experts, associations, etc).

There are many fields of action encompassing a variety of areas such as regional industrial ecology, eco-design, re-use, refurbishing and the functional service economy, and are aimed at all sectors and types of resources.

The platform is a social network of people working in an international dimension, linking together the resources, studies, feedback and circular economy topics in order to begin to have it used in different regions and companies.

It is developing by mobilizing and creating synergy between:

- Regional circular economy initiatives conducted in France, and internationally
- Experts and other people working in the circular economy field
- Technological and socio-economic innovations deemed to be strategic for the circular economy and their dissemination
- Training courses that will be indexed as a module on the platform
- Support packages for companies and organizations
- Communities of stakeholders, practitioners and experts at project level

These different stages of development require the coordination of existing activities, the continuous commitment of those bringing new initiatives or skills, and the launch of additional activities as part of a collective process.