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  • Main leader : CleanCup
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  • France
  • 46 rue d'Anvers, 69007, Lyon
  • Start date : septembre 2016

CleanCup is the first solution to totally eliminate disposable cups from campuses, businesses and public institutions. We are developing the first automated, eco-friendly water fountain to distribute and wash reusable glasses. This innovative product is backed by services to raise awareness of the circular economy and zero-waste strategies, including online and offline marketing materials as well as a range of events 

Qualitative benefits

Innovative approach

CleanCup is the world’s first technological solution to totally eliminate disposable cups. Innovative washing and drying process with practically no environmental impact. CleanCup also innovates in terms of uses and behaviour, offering users a circular consumption model.

Social benefits 

CleanCup works closely with ELISE, a work integration company.

Environmental benefits 

CleanCup holds the key to eradicating the use of more than four billion disposable cups per year in France, through an easy to use innovation with less overall impact on the environment. Impact assessed via a life cycle analysis carried out with support from the PRIME programme. 

According to research by Mountain Riders, the environmental impact of reusable cups falls below that of other types of cup after 14 uses. 

Reusable cups have a service life in excess of 200 uses. We are studying the environmental gains of using such cups.

Economic benefits

CleanCup generates offers customers savings on disposable cup expenses while also helping them to analyse the true cost of their waste. 

Scope for replicating the initiative in other regions: Ideally suited to international rollout. 

Stages of the initiative

Each year, more than four billion disposable cups are consumed in France, representing 32,000 tons of plastic waste. Automatic dispensers generate more than 70% of all plastic cup waste. Furthermore, according to the French environment and energy management agency (ADEME), the total cost to businesses of their waste averages more than 0.5% of their revenue and over 6% of operating profit.

Areas of activity

  • Industry
  • Recycling
  • Trade


  • Waste
  • Material efficiency
  • Plastic

Pillar(s) of the circular economy

  • Extending useful service life
  • Responsible consumption
  • Functional service economy
  • Eco-design

Technical resources

Subsidies from BPI and Inovizi Top prize at the Startup Challenge awards in San Francisco Award winner in the "100 projects for the climate" initiative launched by the French ministry for the environment, energy and the sea

Human resources

2 founding partners, 4 interns, 1 electronics technician, partnership with Les Compagnons du Devoir and the Tour de France, 1 Emlyon Business School student assignment


    Emergence French Tech, Inovizi, free cash flow, competitions

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