Les Pépites: sales outlet for a 100% local, 100% circular economy

  • 2019-04-02 00:00:00
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  • Main leader : CyclaB
  • Type of initiative : Initiative involving different people (collective, etc.)
  • Charente-Maritime
  • 5 rue bersot 17700 Surgères
  • Start date : mars 2019

CyclaB is launching “Les Pépites”, a sales outlet for a 100% local, 100% circular economy.

CyclaB promotes the creation of local loops for circular economies. Its objective is to develop this economy of the future and to help to preserve our resources.

For CyclaB, waste does not exist; there are only resources that become games, beer, biscuits, lights, soaps... there is no limit to what can be imagined.

After almost two years of existence and over 60 projects, the situation is simple: there is a real demand from people to consume locally and sustainably, but it is difficult to identify virtuous products.

To make them more visible and accessible, CyclaB is offering a sales area where all the products driven by this Circular Economy innovation laboratory will be brought together.

Qualitative benefits

- Develop the sustainable economy 

- Make circular economy products more visible and accessible

- Develop the marketing of partners' products and sustaining their activity

- Develop local circular economy loops

- Demonstrate that waste is potentially a resource 

- Respond to consumer demand for consuming locally and sustainably 

Stages of the initiative

December 2018: The action is presented to CyclaB's elected representatives who quickly validated it

January 2019: The project is presented to the Aunis Marais Poitevin tourist office

February 2019: Organisation of marketing (procurement, agreements, etc.) 

March 2019: inauguration of the first sales outlet at the Surgères Tourist Office

Areas of activity

  • Food
  • Crafts
  • Tourism
  • Trade


  • Food
  • Waste
  • Biowaste
  • Wood
  • Use
  • Cardboard

Technical resources

Concerning the CyclaB Pépites, it was necessary:

- to work with staff at waste disposal sites to divert cabinets

- to ask someone working in the field of social economy with a wood workshop to “customize” the cabinet

Human resources

- The two CyclaB project managers managed the entire organization and logistics

- A saleswoman from the Tourist Office is in charge of selling products and restocking


The only cost is the work of upcycling the display cabinet. Cyclad financed it from its own funds.
 Collective action
 Short circuits
 Sustainable procurement
 Social economy
 Local industries
 Zero waste - zero wastage areas


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