City centre community composting

  • 2017-05-05 10:13:39
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  • Main leader : Territoire Marseille Provence et Comité d'Intérêt de Quartier
  • Type of initiative :
  • Marseille
  • 24 allées gambetta 13001 Marseille
  • Start date : novembre 2016

The Marseille Provence section of the Aix-Marseille-Provence urban authority has been developing individual and community composting for several years, as part of the "zero waste, zero wastage" scheme. The Canebière Gambetta neighbourhood association in central Marseille expressed its desire to team up with the city authorities to introduce community composters in planters in the area.

The community composting system has been operating since the end of 2016, enabling many local households to compost their organic waste and encouraging the area's residents to reappropriate public spaces.

Qualitative benefits

Key project goals:

  • Decrease waste in the area 
  • Encourage local residents to reappropriate the public domain and keep it cleaner
  • Convert planters, encouraging residents and passers-by to take care of the public domain
  • Create a source of compost that can be used to fill future planters or gifted to participants for their personal gardening requirements.

Stages of the initiative

As a result of high take-up within the neighbourhood association, this community composting project has been developed and implemented in public spaces.

Areas of activity

  • Administration


  • Biowaste
  • Compost

Pillar(s) of the circular economy

  • Recycling

Technical resources

Three bays (for compost, shredded matter and maturation, respectively) have been installed, and organic waste buckets issued to residents

Human resources

Municipal compost team

Neighbourhood association volunteers


  • Territoire Marseille Provence
 Risk and accident prevention
 Collective action
 Zero waste - zero wastage areas


  • Author of the page

  • Vincent OCHIER

    Chef de projet Territoire Zéro Déchet Zéro Gaspillage


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