Recovering industrial equipment

Project details

  • Main leader : REI INDUSTRY
  • Type of initiative : Individual initiative (company, etc.)
  • Périmètre : Toute la France
  • Localisation : Lavancia
  • Date de début : octobre 2018
  • Date de fin : octobre 2018

Purchasing a batch of special machines no longer used by our customer and stored in a warehouse.

Reusing obsolete electrical and electronic equipment, converters, motors, displays, PLCs, etc.

The other raw materials are processed by our authorized WEEE partner

We offer a turnkey service, from the estimate of the purchase price to removal of the machines or products.

Qualitative benefits

REI INDUSTRY is a link in WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) recycling. Its purpose is to recover differently, and give a second lease of life to industrial equipment.

Today, WEEE (the standard for individuals) is processed through well-defined channels. 

Industrial WEEE, remains a problem because electronic components (cards, converters, displays, etc.) are integral to machines or complete dedicated installations.

WEEE is not considered as such: it is too often mixed (crushed) with the raw materials that make up the machine or installation.

REI INDUSTRY’s stance is to dismantle and market this obsolete electrical and electronic equipment for re-use in the industry.

Stages of the initiative

There is a real economic need for French and international manufacturers to be able to source electrical and /or electronic equipment that is no longer manufactured/distributed by manufacturers. This need for parts is vital to sustain their production.

Although treatment of waste for individuals is mastered, the same is not true for manufacturing industries.

Often through lack of time, or because the manufacturers we meet have an administrative organization that is too complicated to refer a new supplier, they do not call on us when they have equipment that is no longer used.

Examples of industrial WEEE waste are:

  • Control and/or electrical power cabinets, components in an automated production system
  • special machines
  • divestment of stock or machines
  • end of product life

Areas of activity

  • Deconstruction
  • Industry
  • Services
  • Recycling


  • Waste
  • Electronics

Technical resources

Depending on the type of products or machines.

Through our partners we provide the means to dismantle, handle, transport and decontaminate. 

We may buy machinery, production lines, overstock from stores, from all regional and national industries: pharmaceutical, automotive, plastics, mechanical, bar turning, agribusiness, etc.

Human resources

With our partners we can respond to projects requiring a large number of staff.

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Myriam BEGOT

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