Check out the winners of the Responsible Economy Awards #RSE @reseaualliance

This year the Responsible Economy Awards were given to 14 companies in the Hauts-de-France Region for whom Social Responsibility occupies a central place in their strategy. 

The winning companies are of different sizes and work in a wide variety of fields such as mobility, retail, tourism, recycling, textiles, sustainable food and health. They all represent the diversity and dynamism of companies in our region. These companies have incorporated the criteria of standard ISO 26000 and are all examples of very inspiring good practice!

The awards are organized by Réseau Alliances - the network of entrepreneurs for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Hauts-de-France region.


Companies with over 1000 employees

Gold award - Boulanger: Transforming your company with your employees 

Distribution of household electrical products and multimedia - Lesquin in the Nord department - 8,000 employees

SNCF Mobilités HDF: Making an impact on your area with a sustainable and supportive purchasing policy

Rail transport of passengers and goods - Lille in the Nord department - 6,754 employees

Companies with 20 to 100 employees

Gold award - Auddicé: Experimenting on site to innovate and develop responsible expertise in studies, advice and training in urban planning, environment, biodiversity, SD and energy transition - Roost-Warend in the Nord department - 75 employees

Davigel-Sysco France: Committing to sustainable farming practices: the fish industry - Purchasing, marketing and delivery of frozen products, ice cream and chilled products for meals taken away from home- Lomme in the Nord department - 98 employees

Companies with under 20 employees

Gold award -T&B Vergers: Transforming the company by focusing on its employees: Happycoolture - Packaging and sales of fresh apples and pears - Saulty in the Pas de Calais department - 18 employees

Silver award - SARL Canler: Promoting agroecology throughout the potato sector - Potato trading and packaging - Campagne-les-Wardrecques in the Pas de Calais department -14 employees

Silver award: Le colonel Moutarde: Promoting textile know-how in the Hauts-de-France region

Manufacture of other clothing and accessories - Lille in the Nord department - 18 employees

Bronze award: Le domaine du Val: Promoting sustainable development and territorial economy among its stakeholders - Tourist residence - Grand Lavier in the Somme department - 4 employees

 Companies with CSR potential

 Citéliv: Proposing an alternative to the transport and the delivery of goods in town; ecological, innovative and socially responsible. Transport and urban logistics - Lille in the Nord department - 13 employees

Cozyair: Provide support for changes in behaviour to improve indoor air quality

Design and distribution of products and services in the field of health and the environment - Villeneuve d'Ascq in the Nord department - 2 employees

 Circular economy favourite: Etnisi: Recounting local heritage by recovering waste: Wasterial by Etnisi. Design and manufacture of furniture made from recycled materials - Marcq-en-Barœul in the Nord department - 2 employees

 La vie est belt: Belts made from recycled tyres: 100% made in Hauts-de-France

Design and sale of fashion accessories made from recycled materials by out-of-work people - Tourcoing in the Nord department - 1 manager and 3 employees

 Social innovation favourite: Les Petits Radis: Connecting children with the Earth with Petits Radis teaching kits. Sale of monthly teaching kits from kitchen garden to plate - Villeneuve d'Ascq in the Nord department - 3 employees

 The panel's favourite: Pleurette: Recovering urban waste to provide healthy, local food. Production and marketing of ready-to-grow kits - Lomme in the Nord department - 7 employees

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